Beijing Traditional Snacks

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Traditional Beijing Snacks can be divided into two categories, Imperial Snacks and Folk Snacks. Imperial Snacks are used to be the refreshments served for imperial families only. Most of them are sweet and delicate, hence easy to be accepted. The representatives are Royal Wotou (tiny steamed corn meal bread), Wandouhuang (made of ready cooked smashed peas), Aiwowo(sticky rice cake with sweet stuffing), and "Rolling Donkey" (sticky rice rolls with sweet bean flour).

Royal WotouRoyal Wotou



"Rolling Dunkey""Rolling Dunkey"

However, there are not many people appreciate traditional Beijing Folk Snacks except native Beijingers. The most “notorious” one is Douzhi'er (fermented bean drink). The grey color and strange taste are described as swill by some people. The authentic way of taking Douzhi'er is to drink it together with Jiaoquan (fried ring-shape bread) and pickles.


Another representative of Beijing Folk Snacks is Baodu'er. Du is cow's or sheep's stomach. They are sliced into pieces and quickly boiled in the heated water without any seasonings. Local people eat it together with seasoned sesame paste dip and baked sesame seed coated cake.


Luzhu (stewed pig's entrails) and Chaogan (stewed liver) are also very popular Folk Snacks. Native Beijingers take Chaogan for breakfast and usually eat it together with steamed buns.