Beijingers' Favoriate Noodles - Yiwanju Beijing Style Noodles Restaurant

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Northern Chinese love noodles, so they make great variety of them, among which, local Beijingers' favorite is Zhajiangmian (noodles with soy bean paste). They like the chewy texture of the noodles, the rich soy bean paste, as well as the colorful vegetable that served together with the noodles. The authentic way to eat Zhajiangmian is to mix the noodles, soy bean paste and vegetable together. In addition, rice vinegar and a few pieces of raw garlic are also a must to go with the noodles.

Beijing style noodles are Yiwanju’s speciality. Apart from the noodles, Beijing style homely dish and traditional snacks can also be found here. No wonder that the Canadian Prime Minister was here to sample Beijing Cuisine when he was visiting Beijing.

When step into the restaurant a pet parrot and a door boy will both greet you loudly and warmly. The traditional style decoration of the restaurant and the cheerful atmosphere all arouse a sense of nostalgia.


Beijing style noodlesBeijing style noodles

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